PHP Web Development

Course Duration : 120 hrs
(20% discount for students)


About PHP

PHP is one of the most admired and popular server side scripting languages which are widely used for creating websites. With faster turn-around time, enhanced security and affordability, PHP has become preferred choice of the website developers. Due to plethora of benefits of this scripting language, many famous online businesses such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr etc. are using this scripting language.
Being an open source techology PHP is widely used in all level of software companies. JOB opportunity is high, also career prospect is very good in PHP for both Freshers and Professionals.

Course Overview

Through our PHP course, we create industry ready PHP developers. The course covers very basic things of PHP as well as the industry used advanced level programmings.
This industry standard course focuses on the following key areas:

  • Knowledge of PHP & MySql
  • PHP & MySql connectivity
  • Object Priented and MVC concept in PHP
  • Popular framework Yii
  • The popular CMS script WordPress

What We Offer

Live project on PHP
Sr. PHP developer as faculty
Effective Study Material
State-of-Art Labs
JOB after training
(* Placement support will be provided by EJOBINDIA, our associate organization)

Module 1: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Client Side JQuery

HTML Tags, Table/Div, Forms, image, form, css syntax, selectors , css properties, javascript concept, javascript events, various types of validation, jquery concept, jquery functions, useful plugins.


Module 2: Basic PHP

PHP Syntax, Comments, Variables, value-passing, conditional-statements, loops, arrays, function (inbuilt ,user-defined), session, cookies, php-errors.


Module 3: Database

Database concept,sql-query,(create,insert,delete,edit,select[with join]), Normalization.


Module 4: PHP & MySQL Database, AJAX, Server Side JQuery

Sql-query(create, insert, delete, edit, select[with join] using php), file upload, Basic Ajax, Ajax XMLHttpRequest, Use of Jquery ajax.


Module 5: Object Oriented Programming Concept in PHP

Object Oriented Programming through PHP with all types of MySql operation, Detail knowledge
about class, object, inheritance, polymorphism, different types of variable in a class,
encapsulation, Constructor, Destructor, Abstract class.


Module 6: MVC Architecture in PHP

Code writing in MVC architecture. Knowledge of Codeigniter (Popular opensource PHP framework)


PHP Live Project Development

At the end of the course, a PHP application development project will be assigned to the students. Students will get the choice to develop the application either using OOPs logic or in MVC architecture.Students will develop the project under guidance of our PHP project manager from development section. During this students will learn the processes of live project development.