Online Bidding

Course Duration : 50 hrs

About Online Bidding

Most of the IT companies generate business through Online Bidding. There are some online platforms where the IT vendors and clients meet from different parts of the world. Clients post their IT project requirements and the vendors bids on the projects. Since getting business through online bidding is the backbone of many of the IT companies, it’s a high demanding job in the IT industry.

Course Overview

UpWork and Freelancer are the two most popular platforms for bidding. Many IT companies trust of these two portals for getting international IT projects and developing the client base. Our course makes you proficient in bidding on these two platforms.
It focuses on following topics:

  • Introduction to IT industry and the popular technologies.
  • Project development life cycle.
  • Insights of the popular bidding platforms (Upwork, Freelancer)
  • Requirement understanding and effective proposal creation process.
  • Effective client communication

What We Offer

Real bidding on online platforms
Training from experienced and successful bidders
Effective Study Material
State-of-Art Labs
100% JOB after training

Chapter-1: Introduction to IT Industry, Software

1.1 Introduction to IT Industry and Software
1.2 Application/Software Categories (Web Application, Desktop Application, Mobile Application ….)
1.3 Knowledge of various IT services
1.4 Knowledge of various technologies, Latest technology trend


Chapter-2: Introduction to Online Marketing, Bidding

2.1 Types of Online Marketing
2.2 Introduction to Bidding


Chapter-3: Introduction to Bidding Platforms

3.1 Complete familiarity with the online platforms — Upwork, Freelancer etc
3.2 Understanding key concepts of getting success on these platforms
3.3 Profile & Portfolio creations on the popular bidding platforms


Chapter-4: Bidding Life Cycle

4.1 How to shortlist suitable projects out of thousands projects, know the clients
4.2 Understanding project requirement, Writing effective project proposals
4.3 Tricks of client communication


Chapter-5: Tasks after Winning a Project

5.1 Project Acceptance Rules (Scope finalization, Deliver milestones creation, Price fixing)
5.2 Project initiation
5.3 Rules of client communication in the course of Project delivery
5.4 Feedback and Dispute handling

**only 10% of this program will be theoretical approach, rest will be learning by doing approach.