iPhone App Development

Course Duration : 124 hrs
(20% discount for students)

About iPhone/IOS

Mobile app development is a hot skill. With more and more people opting for it, there is a dire need to choose the most in-demand mobile technology. Looking at the popularity and demand for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod, it is safe to say that a career in iOS Development is a good bet. Experienced as well as entry-level professionals are entering the world of iOS Development as there are immense job opportunities that provide good pay package and even better career growth.


Course Overview

This course is the perfect starting point for creating apps that run on iPhone and iPad. View this course as a guided introduction to building your first app—including the tools, major concepts, and best practices that will ease your path.
Each module contains a tutorial and the conceptual information you need to complete it. The modules build on each other, walking you through a step-by-step process of creating a simple, real-world iOS app.
As you make your way through the modules and build the app, you’ll learn about concepts in iOS app development, gain a deeper understanding of the programming language, and familiarize yourself with the many valuable features of Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE).

This course focuses on the following key areas:

  • Learning the base language (Objective C/Swift)
  • Introduction to iPhone Architecture
  • COCOA and MVC Framework
  • SqLite Database Connectivity
  • Interaction with Web Application
  • Apple store upload process


What We Offer

Industry quality iPhone App Development(live) Project
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Chapter 1: Basic Introduction

  • Basic of Objective C
  • Basic introduction to iPhone and iPad functionality and Architecture


Chapter 2: Xcode Library & Frameworks

  • Familiarization with xcode 8.3 and Later
  • Flow of control of a running application


Chapter 3: Work With Various Types of Views and Controllers

  • Applying UILabel and UIPickerView components, IBOutlets and IBActions , NSUserDefaults
  • Date picker, Map, Custom table view, collection View, Alert Controller


Chapter 4: Introduce to Swift 3.1

  • Declaring Constants and Variables
  • Swift control statements, loops, Closures
  • Working with Arrays and Dictionaries
  • Ranges and the map function
  • Function Declarations
  • Class definitions
  • Protocols, extension
  • Condition Statements


Chapter 5: Usual Views With Applying Swift(3.1)

  • MKMapView,ScrollView using swift
  • UIPickerView class using swift
  • Simple & Custom TableView using swift
  • introduce to UICollectionView with swift


Chapter 6: Basic UI Designing & Animation(Swift 3.1)

  • View animation and various touch methods
  • CALayer,Custom Transition
  • Various Types of Gestures(Tap Swipe,Pan,Pinch Rotation,Longpress)
  • Image view and Animation using Animating Functions in Swift
  • Auto layout Constraint, Auto resizing Views


Chapter 7: StoryBoard Editor

  • Navigation based application program
  • Tab bar based application program
  • Toolbar


Chapter 8: SDK Advanced

  • Storyboard
  • Basic introduction to iWatch
  • Soap/Rest Api Web service using swift 3.1
  • GCD
  • Core Data Using swift
  • JSON Parsing using swift
  • Rest Api with Alamofire(swift)
  • Web Service based application program


Project Work:

At the end, students will be assigned with a live project work on iPhone App development under our R&D division Novel Research & Development India Pvt Ldt.