Digital Marketing

Course Duration : 40 hrs

About SEO & SMO

Businesses are now entirely internet oriented. Most of us spend more time on the internet than the other advertising medias like News Paper , TV & Radio. To take any type of Marketing decision we now trust more on google search and feedbacks on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. SEO and SMO are considered as the most effective promotion mediums. This demand has created high job opportunity. The best part of Digital Marketing is anyone can learn and work on this.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial part of today’s marketing mix. It is a technique which enables the website to be listed on the top search results for the particular query related to the product offered by the organization when entered by the user in the search engines like Google/Yahoo etc.
Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity.

Course Overview

This course covers two most important topics of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media Optimization (SMO).
It focuses on following topics:

  • Overview of SEO, Understanding the Business Needs
  • Technical SEO Process, On & Off Page Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Google Adword (PPC)
  • Online Reputation Management

What We Offer

Application of SEO and SMO on live website
Sr. SEO/SMO professional as faculty
Effective Study Material
State-of-Art Labs
100% JOB after training

SEO & Internet Marketing

Chapter-1: Search Engine Basics

1.1 What is Search Engine?
1.2 How do Search Engines Work?
1.3 Understanding Website, Portals, Directories
1.4 Search Engines v/s Directories
1.5 Major Search Engines and Directories
1.6 What is Page Rank?
1.7 The Major Search Engines


Chapter-2: Website Architecture

2.1 Domain Name & Components of a Web Site
2.2 Search Engine Friendly Title
2.3 Search Engine Friendly Descriptions
2.4 Search Engine Friendly Keywords
2.5 Search Engine Friendly Content
2.6 Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags
2.7 Keywords Research and Analysis


Chapter-3: On Page Optimization

3.1 SEO Techniques
3.2 How to promote home page
3.3 Promoting inner pages of the website
3.4 Meta Tags
3.5 Header and Footer
3.6 Keyword Density Analysis
3.7 Optimizing website content


Chapter-4: Advanced Section

4.1 Canonical / 404 Implementation
4.2 Google webmaster tools
4.3 Creating HTML and XML sitemaps
4.4 Creating Robots file


Chapter-5: Blogging

5.1 Understanding blog architecture
5.2 Creating a blog
5.3 Blog Submission
5.4 Blog Marketing


Chapter-6: Off Page Optimization

6.1 Search Engines submission
6.2 Local Marketing
6.3 Directory Submission
6.4 Blog Submission and Marketing
6.5 Article Submission
6.6 Free Classifieds
6.7 Press Releases
6.8 Link Building


Project Work: SEO on a Live Website


Social Media Marketing

Chapter-1: Social Media Marketing

1.1 Understanding Twitter Framework
1.2 Customizing Twitter Design
1.3 Promoting web site through Twitter
1.4 Facebook Marketing
1.5 Pinterest Marketing
1.6 Fan Acquisition
1.7 Youtube Channel Creation
1.8 Video Marketing
1.9 Google Plus Marketing
1.10 Understanding different Social Media activities
1.11 Creating RSS feeds


Chapter-2: Google Adword (PPC)

2.1 What is PPC
2.2 Creating adword account
2.3 Creating campaign
2.4 Choosing right channel
2.5 Creating & Publishing Ads
2.6 Understanding ROI(Return on Investment)
2.7 Understanding how bid works
2.8 Tracking and conversion in adword


Chapter-3: Online Reputation Management

3.1 Learn how to assess your current online visibility
3.2 Learn how to repair a bad online reputation
3.3 Learn how to build a great presence online
3.4 Learn how to maintain a good online reputation


Project Work: SMO on Live WebSite