ASP.Net Web Development

Course Duration : 100 hrs
(20% discount for students)

About ASP.Net

Microsoft Dot Net is one of the most sophisticated and reliable software development technologies that allows to develop several highly productive applications such as SAAS based Employee benefits solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) via the window applications, window services, web applications, web services, business intelligence (via MS SQL Server) and SQL services. It has a unique neutral language infrastructure for the development and deployment of applications by supporting various programming languages.The cross platform compatibility of the Dot Net solutions dissolved all the operating issues of older and new applications.
Moreover, ASP.Net has become open source and cross platform compatible from 2015. It has increased its popularity among the low budget clients and companies, caused excellent job opportunities for Fresher trained on Dot Net.

Course Overview

Through our ASP.Net course, we create industry ready .Net developers. The course contains each and every topic which is required for an industry standard .Net application development.
This course focuses on the following key areas:

  • Dot Net Framework
  • MsSql Database and its connectivity
  • Entity Framework & LINQ
  • MVC concept in .Net

What We Offer

Live project on .Net
Sr. Dot Net developer as faculty
Effective Study Material
State-of-Art Labs
100% JOB after training
(* Placement support will be provided by EJOBINDIA, our associate organization)

Course Module Structure


Module 1: Dot Net Framework ,ASP.NET Pages, Controls, Validation & JavaScript

(ASP.NET work, CLR, CLS, CTS Page Life circle, IspostBack, AutopostBack, Asp.Net Controls likeTreeview, MultiView, Menu, MasterPage, Checkbox, ListBox, Validation, Hidden Fields, Session state, Query String, JavaScript Variables


Module 2: Introductions to Database

(Insert /Edit/Delete/Select Query, Joining, Order By, Group By)


Module 3: List Controls, Introductions to Entity Framework and LINQand work with pages

(Introduction to LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entity Framework, How Entity Framework work in,Web.Config,DropDownList DataBind,RadioButtonList DataBind,Gridview DataBind ,GridviewTemplate,)
Case Study: Create user registration form to enroll user with option to edit the form information of the successfully login user”


Module 4: Validation and Concept of Master Page With MVC

(Implementation of controls like TextBox, Label, DropdownList, RadioButtonList. Basic validations in MVC framework, GridView DataBind with linq in MVC )
Case Study Create a simple user list website. Users can enter, view, update, delete, search user information. Dropdown list binding from Database.”


Module 5:  Introductions AJAX with control.

(AJAX, Update Panel control, Update Progress control, Calendar Extender, TabContainer,  Asynchronous File Upload, Validator Control)


Dot Net Application Development

On successful completion of the above modules,  students get assigned with a project work. The scope of the project work is based on the real industry requirement. Also, students are guided to follow the proper software development life cycle (SDLC) during the execution of the project.