The top 9 Best Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2017


With new programming languages being written, frameworks being created, the world of programming is full of action. There are some lists that suggest that there are close to 300 different programming languages one can learn. As the technology world continues to grow especially with the oncoming deluge of Internet of Things (IoT), the need for programmers and other affiliated coding skills continue to rise. However, given the fact that there are close to 300 different programming languages one can learn, pursuing the right programming language from a career perspective can be a big challenge.

To help you solve this dilemma, has compiled a list of the nine most in-demand programming languages of 2017.

1. SQL
Compared to last year, the number of job descriptions that included SQL (Structured Query Language) increased by nearly 50,000 this year, giving SQL a huge lead over the other languages.

2. Java
Probably due to the continuous growth of Android, the number of Java positions available on Indeed went up by almost 30,000 in 2017, as compared to 2016.

3. Python
Python moved up two places in rankings to be the third-most in-demand language by job posting due to its constant growth in popularity in 2016.

4. JavaScript
Although JavaScript (not to be confused with Java) slipped down one place in’s ranking as compared to 2016, the number of job postings stayed almost the same.

5. C++
C++ saw an increase of almost 20,000 job postings over 2016 that has helped it to take fifth place in the rankings.

6. C# (C Sharp)
“C Sharp” saw a small increase in popularity in 2017, but not enough to keep it from falling behind C++.

7. Perl
Thanks to its popularity, Perl has climbed up the ladder to secure the seventh place in the rankings leaving iOS, PHP and Ruby behind.

8. iOS
Many of the developers writing for the iOS operating system use Objective-C, C, or Apple’s new Swift programming language. Apple Inc. introduced Swift, a new programming language for all iOS and OS X applications. In fact, Swift is displacing Objective C as the de facto language for iOS development a lot faster than anyone expected due to its scalability, speed, ease of use and strong demand from the mobile app marketplace.

9. PHP
PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is a server-side programming language, which can be used to create web pages written in HTML. It is used on more than 80 percent of websites today including Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr and WordPress. PHP is not only a popular language among new programmers due to its easy-to use techniques; it also does offer tons of advanced features for more experienced programmers. In recent years, PHP has grown enormously in popularity. Its web-facing features make it a highly-demanded skill, especially when paired with Javascript and SQL.17.

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